Welcome to RandomAOK.ca! the site dedicated to “Random Acts of Kindness”!
So there are probably one of two reasons you have visited this site:
A) You have heard about the site and want to find out about what it is and what you can do. or
B) Someone (perhaps anonymously) performed a Random Act for you (and one of these cards was left behind) and you want to either tell us about it or get some cards yourself.
What is "Random Acts Of Kindness" (AOK)?:
Here’s the thing: this is not a new concept by any stretch, people have talked about this for years. We all see commercials and hear people talk about the fact that doing a small act of kindness for another person can be a contagious thing. It's "Pay it Forward" - we all know the idea; someone holds the door for you, you give up your cab for someone else… etc. It all sounds great - but ask yourself, "How often do I actually do things like that?" Well, let’s try and make these acts part of our everyday lives and encourage others to do the same. This is not for glory, it is not for adulation, it is for the simple joy of doing something nice for another person. It is incredible how great you can feel when do something for another human being. In today’s world it seems that “Common Courtesy” is anything but common, so we need to bring it back – and take it to the next level. By doing these things – I know we can make this world a better place, a little bit at a time. It is not about taking a big leap, it is about taking the first step.
What we want to do here is take it viral, spread it around the world and watch it grow.
So here is what you do:
Below are several options for printing your own Random Acts Of Kindness Cards. You can print them on pre-purchased business card sheets, and they will already be laid out for you. You can print them off on regular paper and cut them out yourself. Or you can go all out and take the individual card to a professional print shop.
Once you have them, keep them on you, and when the moment strikes you and perform your Random Act of Kindness – leave the card behind. It is my hope that people will read the card and recycle it by performing another act, and maybe in printing off their own. Do it often and let’s watch it spread!
Feed an expired parking meter for a stranger. Buy a coffee for the person three people back from you in line. Bring a crossing guard a hot chocolate. Help someone across the street. Hold doors. Tip Generously. Leave quarters in the phone booth. Do something kind that someone will not expect!!! And do it often! How great would it be to find these cards spreading to all corners of the globe. What if someone in the halls of power gets a card, and sees that positive change can happen.
There is also a Random AOK Message Board below, for you to leave your story. We want to track the progress of Random AOK - so tell us how you got the card... was it left on your dash when someone fed the meter? Handed to you at the drive through after someone paid for your coffee? Tell us where in the world you are from, and what you are going to do now to recycle that karma!
Visit often, track the movement and be a part of a positive change in the world.
Check out our Facebook Group!
Tell your friends, print off cards, perform the acts - GET RANDOM!
It's a revolution my friends - we can make a difference in the lives of others.
In Kindness,
Ian Tyson
Email: info@randomaok.ca

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